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What Is Stock Photography?

If you are a talented photographer and you would like to make money out of your hobby, you have to give stock photography a shot. Although this type of photography does not have a specific subject, it gives you the opportunity to take photographs of subjects you are interested in. Stock photography is widely used by many different companies. These photographs are used to create the following: brochures, advertisements, website designs, and many others.


Stock photo is licensed in various ways. Rights managed and Royalty free stock are two of the most popular examples I can give you.


Rights managed photography prevents the exploitation of a stocked photograph. This means the owner will only authorize a company to use his photograph for a limited time and purpose. For you to understand this better, allow me to give you an example. If an advertiser is planning to use a stock photo for a certain ad campaign, they always have the option to license that photo.  It is like renting the stock photo for a limited time, In addition to this, the price they would be paying the photographer will depend on the size of ad campaign they are planning to use.


Just in case they would like to use the same picture in the future, they are required to pay another fee. The fee they would have to pay will depend on their campaign use as well as size. These fees are known as "royalties". Because of the rights managed stock photography, these royalties can be quite expensive. Believe it or not, the price for the limited use of one stock photograph could range from hundreds to even thousands of American dollars. If you want to learn more about stock photography, you can visit


Royalty free stock on the other hand will benefit the advertiser a lot because once they pay the photographer a license fee, they are allowed to use his stock photo over and over again. Yes, it is true that there are also limitations when it comes to this type of stock photography, however, it is a lot better than rights managed photography in terms of restrictions. Taking advantage of the royalty free stock is highly recommendable. Advertisers will be allowed to use a licensed photo more than once without paying any additional fees. In other works there are no royalty fees involved.


Most royalty graphic design stock photography can be licensed for as low as $100 and up. Again, this will depend on the owner of the photograph and the rights he will give.